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We are part of the Methodist Movement begun in the mid-1700s which believes that the Christian faith is best discerned and understood when the truths of Scripture are combined with reason, experience, and tradition.  We believe that to become holy personally, one must not forget our social responsibility. Connection, or showing up and simply being present to each other is critical to our faith journey and our understanding of the Gospel.

We live out this call to gather as a family of faith each Sunday at 8:30am as we join together to share in praise, prayer, music, scripture, and fellowship. Our small but vibrant community is led by a coordinating pastor and a ministry team providing a fresh voice each week.

We are welcoming and believe that the truth of our faith and a place in our church is available to all.  We are part of a 12 million-member denomination that spans the globe, and is active in ministry and mission, everywhere.  To Find out more about the greater United Methodist Church visit:

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